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Special Pages


Here are some links to special pages of interest for our members and enthusiasts.


A Tribute to Founding Member, Bylaws Board Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Most Steadfast Member Dave Hurd  [Tribute Link]


St. Patrick's Day Comes Early in Herndon




Click HERE for the article in the Oak Hill/Herndon Connection, written by

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Those who stop by the Amphora Diner Deluxe in Herndon, Virginia, most Tuesday nights might think of it as a typical spot for burgers, drinks or desserts, but it is much more. Roots musicians from around the region - sometimes from across the U.S. - gather there for the weekly "listening room" hosted by The…

Country Times: Welcome to an English folk club - in Herndon

Click HERE for the article in the Washington Times, written by- Monday, September 1, 2014


(NOTE:  If you do not see the article, click HERE for a link to the online version)

Dave Law (left) and Ben Hamblin tune up and prepare for their open mic song in the restroom.  Photograph by Rod Lamkey Jr./Special to the Washington Times




On The Road with Ray & Ellen!

Longtime members Ray & Ellen Kaminsky are off in search of adventure in their grand RV getaway coach.  You can keep up with Ray and Ellen, and learn more about their escapades and shenanigans at:


They can also be found on Facebook:

Ellen Armstrong Kaminsky

Ray Kaminsky




Our Grand Gala 25th Birthday celebration!

Click HERE for the article on our 25th Birthday Party, written by Fairfax Times staff writer Gregg MacDonald, and printed in the Fairfax Times and the Washington Post.


Click HERE for a thumbnail view of pictures from the party





A tribute to longtime Folk Club member John McConnell









A tribute to longtime Washington area music supporter Victor Heyman






Remembering John Jackson - a tribute by Larry Benicewicz for BluesArt (reprinted with permission)





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